Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Ray Rice Suspension is a Joke

The NFL might be one of the most hypocritical entities in existence. As everyone is probably already aware, Ray Rice has been suspended for a shocking two games… for beating his fiancée… which can be seen… on video. The incident occurred at a casino in Atlantic City on February 15 and was captured on a security camera. In the complaint filed, it mentions Ray Rice striking his fiancée with his hand, rendering her unconscious. Rice was indicted on third-degree assault by a grand jury in March which can carry a three-five year jail sentence if convicted.

Let’s get some perspective. Selling an autograph in college can carry a five game suspension. Players are suspended for at least a game for a hit gone wrong, more if they are repeat offenders. Removing a players helmet? Suspension. Santonio Holmes was suspended for FOUR GAMES for violating the NFL substance abuse policy. Big Ben was suspended for six games (reduced to four) for violating  policy. Not even a conviction. In Rice's case-there is VIDEO EVIDENCE.


The irony of the NFL allowing this mockery to go on, but arguing women’s health in October with breast cancer awareness, does not escape me. They are shooting themselves in the foot with this and are continuing to show how biased they really are. I guess if you make the league enough money, they will turn a blind eye to you beating your loved one. They play favorites. This is another example.

They really had a chance to make a statement out of this mess. And they did, but the only thing I have learned is that the most powerful sports league in the United States does not actually care.

If you can stomach it, here is the video of the incident:

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